Drucker Alpha 1 Plus G2




New series CIJ Inkjet Printer

Easy coding, simple control


Druckerα1series CIJ Inkjet Printer is an

industrial ink jet printer designed with latest

LINUX operation software and most reliable 

hydraulic system.


Adopted advance technology, Drucker is

a perfect integration of stable performance, easy

operation, universal applications with affordable

cost, in ownership and operation to provide you

extraordinary easy experiencer on your demand.


- 32 digits embeded LINUX operating system, five CPU chips

- Original made-in-German diaphragm pump, overload protection

- USB flash disk, save/load print message & config easily

- Ink & Solvent bottle detector, ensures smooth running

- Pop-up window for regular maintenance

- TFT color screen, QWERT int’l standard smart-phone input

- CE/ISO 9001 certified

- Full Flush Technology and Full Cleaning

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