E360S High Speed softwere

Lines of print: 5*7 dot-matrix, 4 lines (Maximum 34 dot-matrix)

Printing speed: up to 400m/min when 5*5 dot-matrix, single-line and 60 DPI is


Printhead: 78 KHz nozzle, 60 um or 70 um optional..

Print direction: Upward/downward/backward printing(adjustable direction).

Print content:Built in pattern editor, edit text , pattern,one-dimensional code,

Quick response code, random code, special jet printing at your will.

Mexican core: 12000 hours of free-maitenance

User interface: 5.6 cun 640*480 TFT colored display.


Net Weight: 25KG

Dimensions: 598mm* 388mm *338mm (H*W*D)

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